29 January 2020

Welcome to ZOOM! Through our Instagram and blog we are taking a closer look at our high-speed digital world. It’s so easy to get distracted, confused, and even a little hurt by what we see online. We’re here to talk about both the benefits and the challenges of living in our hyper-connected digital world.


When we consider the state of our wellbeing, we naturally think of our mental, physical and relational health. We’ll all have an idea of how it feels when we’re struggling with our mental health, suffering physically or when we’ve fallen out with friends and family. But I wonder when we last considered our healthy use of technology – our digital wellbeing.


In a 24/7 connected world, where we are shaped by technology in a multitude of ways, it is important to ask whether our relationship to technology is enhancing our health or hurting it.


There’s no doubt that technology has shaped our lives in many positive ways. We see this especially with medical advances, the way we can communicate with friends and family in real-time anywhere in the world or the way social media can provide a voice for the marginalised or misunderstood.

But there’s a dark side to technology that we’re beginning to wake up to; from cyberbullying and the way we compare ourselves online to ‘fake news’ and the negative effects on our sleep, mental health and face-to-face relationships.

In such a complex world, how can we think clearly about these issues? How can we develop digital wellbeing?


Zoom aims to explore how to develop digital wellbeing in our 24/7 connected world. Through our Instagram page and blogs we will consider the ways technology seemingly shapes every aspect of our lives in both positive and sometimes negative ways. With this perspective we can reimagine a healthier relationship with technology that benefits our lives and those around us.
We will continue this next week as we take a deep dive into all things tech and explore the many perks of living in our digital world.

We hope that this initial conversation inspires you to consider joining this exciting journey – the journey towards digital wellbeing.