Young Person Friendly Charter

Glastonbury Youth Council and Street’s Action 4 Youth have worked together to create a Young Person Friendly Charter. The Charter invites any businesses, organisations and support services to become Street and Glastonbury Young Person Friendly Advocates.

To become an advocate, you will need to offer one or more of the six following opportunities.

  • Be a mentor or set an inspiring example.
    • Offer employment to young people aged 13+ or 16+
    • Offer work experience
    • Offer volunteering opportunities for young people.
    • Include young people in market research, focus groups and campaigns.
    • Offer family friendly activities and events.

You will be required to sign up to a strict safeguarding code of conduct.

and also pledge to:-

  • Promote youth council campaigns to show collective support across our communities.
  • Telling other people about how they can get involved and help make our communities better for all children and young people.
  • Attend, promote or take-part in events organised and run by young people.
  • Supporting young people to speak up and have their voices heard.
  • Ensure young people are treated fairly and respected.
  • Ensure young people’s rights and needs are considered when making decisions that impact their communities.

Approved advocates will be issued with a window sticker that can displayed in your business / organisation window. This will help to break down barriers so that young people will feel they are welcome to ask for work, experience, or to become a volunteer.

Our Youth Council members have developed many transferable skills working on this project.

  • They have been involved with the design of the Young Person Friendly Charter website
  • They have conducted a presentation to the Town Council’s
  • They have been interviewed on the radio and
  • They have recorded an infomercial

Feedback from parents has been very positive, as they feel the project has had a brilliant impact on their children. One parent said ‘the change in confidence has been remarkable and that their child would never have entertained standing up and presenting in the past, but now they feel they can achieve anything’. Another said ‘they feel their child’s pervious anxiety has reduced; and they attribute this to belonging to a positive community of supportive peers’.

To find out further information, or to sign up to become and advocate, please visit the website: