1 May 2020

Lucy (18) came to one of our housing projects because her Mum was in the grip of substance misuse and her property had been cuckooed.

Unfortunately Lucy had developed a cocaine addiction, after her Mum had given her drugs since the age of 13. Lucy came to YMCA and was referred to Somerset Drug & Alcohol Service (SDAS) whilst receiving support through us.

She was encouraged and supported into work, and gained employment locally. She was nervous and lacking in confidence when she started; however she flourished within this new environment. Lucy worked incredibly hard to keep up with her rent payments in order to keep herself out of arrears. She would sometimes hand over her money in tears having worked so hard to earn it. Acknowledging her commitment, YMCA applied for some funding for Lucy to buy some nice things for her room; as she was not in a position to afford anything herself. Lucy was awarded a small amount of money; which she was over the moon with. Having a few lovely items in her room made her stay more homely.

Lucy worked hard to gain SWAG points (a system, where by young people can gain points, for positive engagement and behaviour; and then trade them in for prizes). Lucy worked hard to gain points as she wanted a bicycle in order to get herself to work. YMCA applied for funding through local charity YWAF, who kindly provided the finances for her to buy her bike.

Lucy was signed off from SDAS who agreed she was motivated and positive enough to stay clean of cocaine without support.  After completing our ‘Move On Move Out’ programme, Lucy was able to find a property of her own; but continues to receive support from our floating support team.

Lucy has overcome so much in such a short space of time; and has engaged and listened to advice and guidance. Lucy has gone from a chaotic life, to working hard and even getting promotion at work; which is well deserved. Lucy struggles with her confidence and does not have self-belief or believes she deserves nice things, or good things to happen to her. It is due to her inner strength and self-determination that she battles against this. We have high admiration for Lucy and her determination and constant positivity in the face of adversity. Well done Lucy