7 May 2020

Naomi arrived at YMCA from a mental health ward, she was shaking and scared of everyone. Naomi struggled with depression, anxiety, money management, abusive relationships and motivation.

It took time for Naomi to settle in and open up to staff. Naomi has been on a journey where she has made slow and steady process. Naomi has worked closely with the community mental health team who have supported her with her mental health; and she is working towards being ready for therapy to address childhood trauma.

She has worked hard with the team at the YMCA to work through why she has been in many abusive relationships and to learn what is ok and what is not ok in a relationship.

When she first arrived Naomi would take out a new credit cards each month and max them out; however she is now at a point in time where she is managing her money, saving a bit each month and on an assisted debt repayment plan.

Naomi’s confidence in herself is a massive barrier, she feels that she is not capable, or that people have no belief in her. Naomi proved to herself and everyone around just how capable she is, when she took part in the National Citizenship Service Scheme as a young leader. Her natural ability to talk to people and make people laugh, her kind nature and desire to help others shone through. Naomi unfortunately was experiencing bullying at work and a poorly managed situation with her line manager. However Naomi not only stuck with NCS and behaved professionally; but saw became aware of what was happening at work and that it was not ok and addressed it head on. Naomi is proud of what she has achieved; and looks back on the NCS experience with fond memories.

Naomi has since sat on an interview panel at the YMCA; and attended job interviews at other organisations, who provide support to people. Jenny has grown in confidence and self-belief; she still has room to grow, but we believe that Naomi will one day make an amazing support worker. Our support workers are slightly concerned however, as they know she is after their jobs! “Keep going  Naomi, we believe in you; but can you let us retire, before you take our jobs?”.