17 October 2019

P2i+ is a new project that YMCA Mendip & South Somerset will open in October 2019.

The project will provide 5 rooms in a property in South Somerset for young people aged between 16 and 18 years old, which need support to live independently.

P2i+ is for young people who are coming out of the care system to start their journey to independent living. The young people will be learning how to cook, clean, pay bills, and budget; as well as save, live together, keep healthy and be a positive part of their community.

Young people will be supported to access training, education or employment and will be offered a wide range of leisure and volunteering activities to help them get the skills they need to become successful adults. We will be working very closely with other services including Children’s Social Care to offer a wide range of support.

We are thrilled to have an excellent staff team and very experienced team leader working at the project, as well as a part time P2i Psychologist who will be providing clinical support to the team.

We will be providing a stimulating and homely environment for young people to thrive, feel a sense of belonging and to become sustainably independent.