10 October 2019

• ‘K’ is a 12yr old girl. She goes to mainstream school, but has a really difficult family life. She lives with her mum and step dad, but the relationship with her mum is at breaking point. She isn’t allowed to see her biological dad, as the mum and dad have no contact, due to a history of rape. K has a huge amount of resentment towards her mum and this has led her to self-harming. K rarely stays at home and much prefers to stay with friends. Social services are involved, but she likes to come to our youth clubs, as it is somewhere she feels safe. Over the past 4 months, since coming to the youth club K feels she can now talk about her problems. The safeguarding information sharing with the school now means she has a support system around her to help her through her problems, such as a social worker, school councillor and our youth workers. As well as socialising with her friends she likes to take part in the activities we do at youth club, as she likes to get involved and feel she belongs to something. K is keen to get involved in our steering group and take on extra responsibilities. She is a confident young person, but struggles with relationships. In response to K’s and other children’s needs, we have run some sessions around healthy relationships. Her mum is currently pregnant again, so their relationship is exceptionally bad at the moment, but she does hope this will improve once the baby is born.

• ‘D’ is a Syrian Refugee and was relocated within the Mendip area. He suffers with PTSD following the death of his sister. When D first arrived he spoke no English. It took some time to get him a school placement, which meant he was very isolated. The Town Mayor and a volunteer family support worker brought him to one of our Youth clubs, with the hope he could integrate better into his new community. The club has had a massive impact on him. He instantly made new friends, where other youth club members were very supportive and invited him to join their friendship groups. They have helped him with his English.
He has grown in confidence and is no longer isolated. He has been signed up for NCS and Children’s World Youth Volunteer programme.
He is loving his new home town and feels very welcome.
It is still early days to note achievements, but D’s personal growth has been priceless to him.